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Turtle Island Smoke

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A Shamanic blend of natural herbs intended to ease tension, relax the mind, enhance vision and meditation. Dedicated to our Beloved ancestors of the North Americas, particular herbs were drank, applied topically and smoked to support health and to receive the many universal messages that assisted with their daily lives.

Turtle Island Smoke is a flavorful blend with hints of floral, minty and earthy undertones that true smoking connoisseurs will surely appreciate.

We have received many positive reviews that attest to the relaxing feeling that one receives after smoking Turtle Island Blend. Many consumers report that utilizing natural hemp papers or smoking from natural smoking pipes as our ancestors once did was most enjoyable.

Our product contains no THC. Intended for those who desire a break from frequent marijuana smoking or ceasing cessation of nicotine from cigarettes or for those who cannot consume THC due to various circumstances but still want to toke.

We welcome your reviews....."How was your Turtle Island Smoke" experience? We would like to know!


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