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Our Corn Woman blend unlocks conventional mind set from taking hormone replacement medication freeing yourself from suffrage through the mood swings, fatigue, excessive sweating and endocrine system depletion. A typical diet of sugars, trans fats and caffeine along with meds only complicate the phases of Menopause.


Learn more about “The Crone Woman” so that you may embrace Her and embody more power rather than give it all away. Eating for blood type, staying active through activities and movement like womb dancing, walking and swimming we celebrate the change during our Waning Moon and become more aware about our Endocrine System
nourishing ourselves with herbs, bathing in moonlight and singing sweet songs to our wombs to support Her.


Our 5 Star Menopause Blend is offered in 7 ounce packages

Corn Woman Menopause Blend

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