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The essence of Clear Quartz Crystal enhances ones strength introducing coherent energy. Clear Quartz maintains flow, openess and clear passage. Supports the subtle systems of the body making sure they are enhanced and clarified.  "My Yoni is balanced, I breathe HARMONY into my Yoni". 


Quartz Crystal brings about better relationships with self and with others. An amplifier of energy and pure thought forms which attracts, maintains, releases and maintains energy. Clear Quartz neutralizes energy restoring balance and revitalization to ones overall being. 


Medicinal Stone Eggs have been used since antiquity promoting strength and healing to the vaginal walls especially while doing Kegal or what we refer to as, "Yoni Pulsing". Yoni Eggs clear unwanting soul ties by reminding women of their pure sensual nature and sensitivities thereby increasing pleasure. All medicinal stone Yoni Eggs respond to pure intention set forth by the wearer. 


Large & medium eggs recommended for beginners

Small eggs recommended for more experienced users


Large Clear Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg - undrilled; 45x30mm

  • Returns allowed for item/s damaged during shipping.

    All sales on this item are final.

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