Durable plastic vaginal steaming appartus. Digital settings with stainless steel reservoir. High, medium and low temperature settings, made with resistant material.

Weight: 2.6 KG 

Deminsions: 29*27.5*35.5 cm

Voltage: 220-240V


Instructions for use:


1. Fill with distilled water into a measuring cup up to the line of stainless steel reservoir.

2. Place herbal contents into linen culinary bag into the top of the stainless steel container. *Bag enclosed with V-Steaming Seat. 

3. Heat unit quickly by selecting the 5th temperature setting for 2 minutes then after, select lower setting for comfort. 

4. May select higher temperature after these steps/process.


DO NOT use while pregnant. 

Starlilly Vaginal Steaming Seats

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