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Starlilly Wellness a subdivision of Merusuland, LLC is founded on holistic principles of wellness, farming, agriculture and healing. We grow a percentage of the herbs we utilize in our products here in the California & New Mexico region and other herbs we source from Croatia, Morocco and Egypt.


We offer a variety of products that assist men and women's reproductive health offering bulk herbs and "custom blends", (via consultation only) and healing apparatus' to assist a healing modality especially for women called the "Yoni Steam". Other herbal blends are available for overall bodily system health addressing the liver, heart, joints and bones, respiratory, through trace minerals and powerful roots, flowers and essences. 

Starlilly is a childbirth educator, doula and lay midwife and an aspiring author. She is in the process of creating two phenomenal pieces dedicated to the power of home birthing and an autobiography of her growth through womanhood and Her Spiritual connection to Her Womb. 


Our reviews can be found on Facebook at: Starlilly Wellness & Birthing Services and on our services and informational website:

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