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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

During the height of the Corona Virus, Starlilly devised and released their new product, "Thunderbird Tea", which supports the immune system and protects the respiratory system. We received an out pour of clients seeking advisement, herbs and encouragement for family members and friends who were either suffering from the symptoms of the virus or wished to protect themselves from falling ill.

Check out one of our prized reviews from Leslie T of Las Vegas, NV..........

I have purchased Starlilly Thunderbird Tea on three different occasions for myself and my love ones who were fighting through COVID-19. All have recovered while using this product 3 to 4 times daily. I have severe breathing and allergy issues and I have been drinking the tea nightly and my breathing challenges have improved! Starlilly's compassion and healing intent and herbs will definitely make me a life long customer. Thank you!

"The "Thunderbird" is an ancient old mythological creature whose essence has traveled through many cultures of the North Americas. It is said that the Thunderbird is a huge bird who dwells on the cliffs in the far south. When people in the world displayed negative behaviors Thunderbird would glide across the land and with the gust from its wingspan would bring order to the land."

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